Apexfine provides the latest in cutting edge technology and design to create minimalist super slim sliding glass doors. A completely bespoke and specialist product which must be specified at design stage and installed at construction stage. Predominantly suitable for larger projects allowing the creation of a unique commercial or residential masterpiece.

German technology and Italian design are combined to create the latest in state-of-the-art super slim sliding minimalist doors. Apexfine frees your living spaces from visual obstructions.



The desire to have minimal slightlines and maximum energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to our clients. Apexfine is the minimalist glass slim slider which is available to the UK market through Solarfold. Suitable for large new build or major renovation projects, the truly unique subframe system needs to be specified at the time of design and installed at construction stage. Offering panel sizes up to 6 meters each, it offers considerably larger glass areas than anything else on the market. The latest insulating glass technology massively reduces heat loss in the colder months by keeping the heat where it is most needed.



Solarfold offers a complete design consultation package from the point of concept, all the way through to the ‘moving in’ day. Every point is taken care of, without exception.